Recovering from a heartbreak: finally closing this chapter!

Although, I never thought we’d be here – not friends nor enemies. There’s no bitterness from my side. I’ve matured and accepted things in the healthiest way possible. Now that I think of it – my journey could be described like this:

You weren’t ‘my’ person, but you were something complicated to explain.

But suddenly things changed. I mean…

The Goodbye wasn’t pre-planned, but it happened anyway.

It was tough because…

I couldn’t forget you, and I felt like I’m obsessed with you.

Nevertheless, with time I thought to myself…

Do I miss you? Yes. Do I want you back? No.

That was because…

I’m seeking peace from your absence.

And soon I realized…

I’m no longer homesick for arms that no longer hold me,

Because you were just another person who was supposed to be in my life, but for a short span of time. You were meant to leave; you were meant to just be a memory. I needed to be left in the dark, in order to recognize what light is. And there’s no way I could’ve done that without you. It’s all alright for me now. For me another chapter has come to an end. There’s nothing that I would change, there’s nothing that I regret. We were strangers, who crossed paths in life – now we’re strangers again but with a bunch of memories.

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