Recovering from a heartbreak: my perspective! (pt.6)

I’m no longer homesick for arms that no longer hold me.

A part of me wanted you to miss me the way I miss you. I secretly hoped your heart broke too, and today I can’t believe how bitter and evil I had become since the day we parted ways.

And I know this will sound crazy, but a part of me wanted all of that because I wanted to know that I actually meant something to you. As sad as it sounds, I know I needed to hit rock bottom in order to stand up the way I have today. Each day, I find myself thinking of you lesser and lesser – and that just assures me that one day, you will only be a faded memory. For me, you felt like the human form of ‘Home’. But with time I realized that You were just an ordinary person – it was my heart and mind that made you seem extraordinary. I just looked at you differently, while you were anything but different.

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