Recovering from a heartbreak: my perspective! (pt.5)

I couldn’t forget you, and I felt like I’m obsessed with you.

I don’t care what people say, but forgetting someone close to you is like losing a part of you. You cannot just pretend you never had any memories with that person. It doesn’t work like that. I can ignore you, avoid you, keep you out of my circle – but I cannot forget the memories we made.

I tried forgetting you, but it just made me sadder. Everything around me started reminding me of you. Colours, coffee, music, quotes – everything seemed to be about you. I kept thinking about you, I kept creating imaginative scenarios in my head. I kept wondering what would we be if we didn’t have that one conversation. I began relating to depressing quotes online; I would re-read our old chats; I would sit quietly by myself; I would cry while listening to certain songs – and I did do all of that with You on my mind. Even though it pained me to have you on my mind, what pained me more was that I couldn’t get you off my mind.


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