Recovering from a heartbreak: my perspective!(pt.3)

I’m seeking peace from your absence.

Isn’t it crazy that we were close to being something, and ended up being nothing? It’s like we almost came full circle. And no, this article isn’t about me being weak or how much I miss you – it’s about how much peace I needed and now finally have. You were a good person, still are I’m sure – but I don’t know, we clicked and yet we didn’t click right. I don’t hate you nor do I dislike you.

But I’d rather adjust to your absence, than get frustrated by your presence. Your presence became so overwhelming, that I felt tired by just being there for you. Even your absence gave me pain – but it seemed strangely better. I realized I had to choose between the Devil and the Deep Sea – and I choose the Deep Sea. It was only fair because I’d rather cry myself to sleep than have sleepless nights.

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