Recovering from a heartbreak: my perspective! (pt.4)

The ‘Goodbye’ moment wasn’t pre-planned, but it happened anyway.

It was not easy. It happened so suddenly, that it took me several minutes to realize all is lost. I wasn’t ready to lose you but still did. It was so unreal to just be there, and feel an emptiness that wasn’t there a minute ago. It literally only took a minute to change everything.

A minute to end everything; A minute to finally let go; A minute to call it the past; A minute to know it is Goodbye – but it took more than a minute to Accept. ‘Letting go’ and ‘Accepting’ are not the same things – and I realized this during my healing days. ‘Letting go’ is when you continue with life and not regret with what happened. And that is easier, because Accepting means you aren’t keeping hope for that person to come back and everything goes back to what it was. None of it was easy; I had to come in terms with all of it, since I never thought of not having you around anymore. I had grown so close to you that the thought of never having you, made me think I will never be okay. Healing was next to impossible for me. It took days and nights to finally let go, and it took weeks and months to finally accept it. And now? I don’t have you yet I am okay.

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