Recovering from a heartbreak: my perspective!(pt.2)

You weren’t ‘my’ person, but you were something complicated to explain.

The picture has been taken from Pinterest.

You weren’t exactly ‘my’ person; No, you were something more complicated than that. You were the person, whom I met and felt this instant connection. We had nothing in common. We still have nothing in common, except for that awkwardness we share. That’s the loudest sound between us.

When we first met, we used to talk about almost everything in this whole wide world. It was more like exchanging knowledge, and not just talking. But now when I think of you – I feel like talking, I feel like asking a lot of things, yet I don’t want to. I don’t want to put efforts into watering a dead flower, despite how sad it makes me to discard the flower. You know, I thought we were close enough to have each other’s back. I really thought we wouldn’t be ending this rough. I wish a lot of the things didn’t happen. And I wish lot of those things didn’t affect us. But it did, didn’t it? Affected in a way that everything cannot be normalized. That’s not possible – normal is not possible.

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