Mental Health

**TRIGGER WARNINGS – Suicide, Depression, Anxiety Attacks, and stress. 

Hi! I know this is an article but I want readers to feel up-front and personal whilst reading. I will be writing ‘You’ so that it seems like I am speaking to you – and I hope this article can make you smile at some point. This article is not to educate you on Mental Health, because you already know about it. This article is more about helping you cope with situations. 

The title of this article seems very vague, and it was meant to be that way. Fancy titles lure many eyes but lose their essence in the process. There are many textbook definitions behind the term ‘Mental Health’, But people still associate Mental Health with some negative adjectives. When we talk about the nose or the stomach, do we ever find someone to assume the worse? Unless they are absolutely pessimistic, one shall not. There was a stigma around the Mental Health topic. 

I just want you to take a minute and try to define ‘Mental Health’. Go on, I will wait. Trust me, I am waiting. Did you associate it with any negative words? If you didn’t, I am proud of you! And if you did, I am still proud of you, because you at least tried. Also, I won’t be surprised if you did not try, because we have this feeling, in our subconscious, that even if we try something – we are bound to be wrong/fail. No one guaranteed you that; It wasn’t written in your birth certificate – you just assumed and believed that. It’s all about how you have been viewing yourself. 

If you think this article is about suicide experiences, actual narrations of anxiety attacks – I’m sorry to disappoint you. My purpose is to make you realize the importance of Mental Health. Your mental health. You might be someone, who does not talk to many people; or someone, who tries to uplift everyone; or someone, who just doesn’t care about anything unless it is related to Netflix. And that’s okay. It is okay to be someone who is different. If you’re selfish, and you are happy being that – good for you! If you’re selfless and you are happy being that – good for you! But if you are ignorant about what your mind and body feel – you are making the biggest mistake of your life. 

When you feel upset with something – you might just sweep it under the rug, or talk to someone about it, and then sweep it under the rug. That is actually unhealthy. It is like keeping the trash and inviting all kinds of bugs and other trash to join it. I am not telling you to go tweet about it or make a Facebook post and tag that person and say “YOU ARE BAD. I DON’T LIKE YOU”. I am not even suggesting you overthink the situation because chances are you will subconsciously get obsessed with it. 

Now, let me place an analogy here for clearer comprehension – have you seen a baby? When the baby is unhappy with something, even if it’s the smallest thing – it starts crying. It might scream and cry, and ultimately let’s go. Again, I am not asking you to attempt something that will majorly affect you. But chances are: if you just let it out of your system the very day that bad situation happened – you will not have a single thought of hurting yourself physically. Just try it! The next time someone or something happens and you are unhappy about it: write, cry, scream, or rant to yourself in a locked room. And then when you feel you’ve done enough – just say “Well, that was fun”. Out of 10, 8 times you will end up smiling. And with that, you will no longer be holding onto it with that intensity.  

I am assuming you are someone, who stresses a lot and has a problem with overthinking. Whenever you overthink, do you ever just stop and ask yourself “Why did I think of that?”. If you haven’t tried it, please do so. Question your thoughts, and notice how you feel about them. Many of us have suffered from anxiety attacks because we have suppressed and ignored how we feel. Do what makes you feel safe. Meditate, talk to God, write, reach out to a friend – you are responsible for your own well-being. The more you allow yourself to be submerged into negative thoughts – the more you will invite negativity.  

I know therapy is expensive. I know you want to reach out for help, but are either ashamed, scared, or unable to. I’m not going to say it is alright, because it isn’t. You did not deserve to go through that embarrassing moment. You did not deserve to be ignored. You did not deserve to get heartbroken. You did not deserve to get stressed alone. You did not deserve that unfair workload. But I will help you remember what you deserve: 

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be stress-free. You deserve to decline any call you do not wish to take just because you don’t want to. You deserve to be appreciated. You deserve to smile because of your daydreaming. You deserve to speak of what’s bothering you. You deserve to laugh freely. You deserve to do what’s calms the chaos in your head. You deserve to just let go and feel all of your emotions. 

I really wanted to make a joke here just to ease off the intensity of the last two paragraphs. I just want to let you know that – you are heard and seen. I might not know you personally nor do I know your story; but I am sure that you could relate to all that I have written above. I will suggest you something: tomorrow morning, after you wake up, drink a glass of water than write down 10 things you are grateful for. If you can think of more than 10 things, I am so happy for you. If you can only name 2 things to be grateful for, I’d encourage you to observe your surroundings and find your gratitude. It could be anything. Be grateful for the weather, or the blue sky, or the mattress you sleep on. It could be the people you’re surrounded by. You don’t need a notebook even, use paper or your phone notes.  

We have been so immersed in our own sorrow, problems, and tension – that we forget to show gratitude for what we already have. Don’t say you have nothing to be grateful for, because you know you have a lot to be grateful for. And slowly, with each morning – you will see your list of gratitude increasing. You will start appreciating your life, and your mind will be calmer. It was nice interacting with you. I hope I could make you feel more at ease. Our journeys might be different, but our final paths are towards the same destination – a happier and calmer place for ourselves. 

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